Saturday, December 6, 2008

Protest Against the Opening of Films About Che!

Movie series based on the life of human waste Che Guevara, premiered in Miami, sparking a heated protest by the Cuban-American community. Miami's Mayor Matti Herrera accompanied the protesters, reported the newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

According to this newspaper, "The movies which premiered in Miami will be presented this weekend at the XXX Festival of New Latinamerican Film in Havana, with the participation of the director and main protagonists"-It would seem that Fidel Castro-the oldest Mummy in Cuba, is pleased with the films. Gag me!

With the Cuban American history and pain associated with this butcher, you would think that other Hispanics, and some Americans, would have the decency, to keep trash like this away from South Florida, but it's almost like they do it on purpose.

A set of movies based on that arrogant, murdering, racist, pile of menuer, that was Ernesto Che Guevara, is nothing to be proud off and should not have been brought to Miami. Perhaps we Cuban-Americans have not done our job, educating the rest of the world, about what this executioner did to our countrymen.

Here is an actual execution in Santa Clara of the Mayor of that City:


Muchacho Enfermo said...

Hi Zurama, I haven't yet seen the movie but from what I heard it was supposed to be a pretty accurate representation of Che...

And as for education about Che? The only thing we heard when I was in school was: "You want to learn about Che? Watch the movie Motorcycle Diaries." If you haven't seen this movie, it just portrays a very altruistic Che going across the country side helping sick people.

Maybe you can point people in the right direction about where they could find some factual information? I know I'd love to read or hear some more about your point of you.

machinepolitick said...

People can start educating themselves by reading Che's books. He's not the romantic hero he's portrayed to be by hollywood and intelligentsia. His own writing will abolish that notion for anyone who isn't brainwashed by the propaganda and his 'romantic struggle for the people'.
Words can't describe the vileness and hypocrisy of that man.

~Zurama~ said...

I just posted a video of him on the Spanish version of this blog, where he admits to the firing squads. He was proud of his killings.

galleta said...


Mike said...

I've just discovered this blog and I like it.

Part of people in Spain have seen Che's movie, but they didn't like it.

Not for political reasons. The movie is really bad.

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Thanks machinepolitick, I'll order some today. I should have thought about books.

Thank you Zurama I'll go check out that video now.

Everyone here is so helpful!

machinepolitick said...

You're welcome Muchacho Enfermo.
I have long been disgusted with the worship of Che. I spent a couple years doing research on him. I am a political artist in Georgia (US), and it amazes me that people idolize this man.
I am planning to do a painting on him soon. I have all the research organized and the sketches ready. If you're interested in seeing how it might look, I have a webpage for my art.
I personally know people who left everything they had to get out of Cuba when Castro took power. I am so impressed by the people who are brave enough to stand up to tyranny such as theirs. I wish them success and hope they remain safe from the clutches of their government.