Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yoani Sanchez is in Danger!!

There is the possibility that Yoani Sanchez, the blogger who turned the eyes of the world to the real Cuba, could be in danger. To anyone reading this, please contact the newspapers, radio, TV, etc. Lets not leave her alone, now that she needs us!! I translated this as best as I could. She has been called in to a police station for questioning!

On her blog Generation Y, the blogger who won the best Weblog Award and Reporters Without Border in the "The Bobs" wrote tonight with the same humor and wit that characterizes her, but definitely worried :

First Round
by: Yoani Sanchez at Generación Y , December 2, 2008

I swear, that I have not ran a red light, that I have not bought cheese in the black market, in more then two months and I have not left a store without paying. I don't remember violati the laws -to much- these days. I have not even pretended to be a foreigner in order to use the Internet in some Hotel.

I have nevertheless, been called into the police station along with Reinaldo. We are to go down to the Police station on 21 and C in Vedado. I wonder if I should take my tooth brush or will I just receive a brief ear tug.

I leave you with the official document I received today from the hands of a sweaty official, that had to go up 14 flights of stairs -I've had no elevator for a month–.

Tomorrow at nine in the morning, I will know what it is about, wait for news after two.


Muchacho Enfermo said...

The whole internet will be in an uproar about this...

Muchacho Enfermo said...

BTW... I linked to your post I hope that's okay.

~Zurama~ said...

Of course it's okay :)