Sunday, March 22, 2009

Live Fetuses Extracted Without the Mother's Knowledge

Several months ago when I learned of Dr. Hilda Molina, I wanted to write about the topic, but did not find enough information. I do not remember seeing many blogs write about the rumors of her involvement in the many abortions that take place in Cuba. I have a feeling that because now she calls herself a dissident, most people don't want to attack her.

These acts seem out of a horror film or one of the many stories of terror, told by the victims of the Nazis. However, these are things that have been happening in Cuba since the eighties.

As reported by the online newspaper, El Nuevo Siglo, it appears the the "International Center of Neurological Restoration (CIREN), an institution sponsored by the Cuban State, which discovered the" Fetal Substance Nigra ", consisting of spinal tissue and neuronal cells of human embryos. This substance, in order to achieve regenerative effects in adult nervous tissue should be transplanted from a living human embryo. " What horror !!!!!

I can not imagine how a doctor, who has taken the oath to "do no harm", is able to draw a baby alive, and without the knowledge of his mother, to use in experiments.

The Cuban neurosurgeon Hilda Molina remaining in Cuba, without the possibility to exit, may have been involved in the worst of crimes, to the most defenseless beings-unborn babies.

My mom says that all human beings deserve a second chance and the right to forgiveness - those are her words, not mine. Judge for yourselves, I'm sick to my stomach. For my part, I can only say that I do not consider her an activist nor a dissident, as many describe her. She wants pitty, because she can't go see her mother, but the children she killed will never see they mothers. May God have mercy on her soul!

I don't know who originally reported the allegations of the nurse Niurka Jimenez, who worked in the same hospital with Molina. What is said is that to said Dr. Molina is to say CIREN and that she was the brain behind the dark practices of this hospital.

Videos of the interview with the nurse had been provided Pedro Pablo Arencibia (Baracutey) and youtube has deleted his account, but here it is in writing and I have translated it into English.

Cuba Democracia y Vida as reported by the Cuban journalists Alicia Bencomo.

There were inspired fetuses, many of them were extracted alive from mothers.

Before it was called the Latin American Center for Neuro Transplantation (Transplantes Negros), where the transplants were from the nervous system of a fetus of 12 weeks, to the nervous system of the person suffering from Parkinson's, this was the agreement, as we understood it, the nurses who were not directly informed, it was just what we heard.

That was the agreement with the hospital González Choir, Sacred Heart, as it was known before the triumph of the revolution.
They extracted the fetus with no knowledge of the mother. The mother was told that the fetus showed signs of abnormality, but had to wait for the 12 weeks of pregnancy, that was wrong, because an abortion was not supposed to be performed at that time, because the fetus was completely developed, its heart beating and all its well-defined bodies.

They would wait twelve weeks, while checking that the fetus was not dead, and was healthy. Then MINI zonograms would be performed, but they would perform Caesarians. This process was done in Gonzales Coro Hospital. They specialists responsible for such action. This fetused were to be implanted in the nervous system of patients.

An abortion at 12 weeks of gestacion in civilized countries would be very complicated from a legal, moral, and sociological point, to the mother, but not so in Cuba.

The order for the procedure dictated that Hilda Molina, Dr. Santana, neurosurgeon, was chosen from the Marianao CIMEQ because Dr. Molina with other nurses and doctors left the Neurological, with the brilliant.
Dr. Santana was from the the military hospital CIMEQ in Marianao. Military because all the doctors who worked there were dressed in military uniforms. We called him (Hitler), because at the experiments that were being performed were very similar to those done during the Second World War.

Dr. Santana was involved, but Dr. Molina was the boss, she was the mastermind of all this, the ideas came straght from her.
All the nurses there, saw thefetuses arrive, but they would not tell us the truth. They would not let us talk among ourselves for fear that we might not agree with this procedure. The revulsion we felt at seeing this, was so much that we would have to go outside the hospital to vomit.

The fetuses were to be used to treat patients with Parkinson's disease, which did not improve, but continued with their disease and many died. This transplants were never performed on a foreign patient, only Cuban, monkeys, rats and rabbits.

With this procedure Dr. Molina, not only kill the fetus, but the patient also died.
We said that this operation was like a balloon, because one day it would pop. This was an experiment and Dr. Molina assured that if it was valid, and that it would bring good consequences, but many patients who got this therapy never got out of there and we never saw then again. This frightening story could only be compared to Josef Mengele.

Other experiments done with patients who were to be operated were done using parts from patients that were dead, I participated directly there, and I can speak with luxury of details. Three hospitals designated for research, chose a number of nurses, the hospitals were Calixto García, who is in the Vedado, one of CIMEQ of Habana del Este.

We had to work directly on the Department of Pathology, 24 by 24. Some worked a whole day, a round of 24 hours and we substituted another nurse for 24 hours.
These patients died from natural death, but could not have cancer or infectious diseases, and had to be between the ages of 45 to 55 years of age. That was a requirement.

After the autopsy it was ascertained that the patient had no disease, this was done without the family's knowledge.
The deceased would be sent to the Department of Pathology, and the various organs were extracted and a few bits of tissue that was be be placedt in the nervous system of people with Parkinson's disease, as well graft, implanted in the spinal cord for paraplegic patients, cuadroplegics too.

It should be clarified here that the dead in these experiments could not have been killed more than six hours. Tissue from the fresh liver would have to be extracted right away and transported when the nurse was called with his code. For example, I would say "Code Red" and they new it was me. They would go directly to the hospital where I worked the Calixto García, and used an ambulance to avoid traffic and transportation would be much faster. He was taken to Avenue 25, which was the research center, and taken away in a cooler.

When they realized that experiment were not satisfactory, the Cubans patients were still dying, then they stopped the investigations.
These bodies were taken from hospitals in small towns. Where when a patient dies the family was offered a simple explanation....we did everything possible, sorry, we are so sorry, and that was all.

In a foreign patient who could go abroad and seek more explanations, the case would get complicated, if they had give reasons for a death that was caused by an experiment.

Everything was prepared in a way that no one suspected, as psychologists and psychiatrists had told them at the hospital admissions for chronic illnesses, that their lives would return to normal just as soon as they finished the treatment.
Dr. Molina was the mastermind behind all these experiments.

Even Fidel said that the brain of Hilda Molina belonged to him.

Niurka Jimenez, the nurse who is now in Los Angeles California, confesses that if she have to stand before a judge of the United States and testify against Hilda Molina, she will.


American Angle said...

Dr. Hilda Molina sounds like someone Barack Obama would support, they both are in favor of infanticide.

You hit the nail on the head in that there will be minimum disdain for this evil dr. because she know enjoys the label of "dissident."

A vile dissident is still vile...

~Zurama~ said...

I agree 100%! There are real dissidents and I don't see remorse in her. She writes a blog, but acts like a little innocent sheep and there is no mention of her part in those abortions.

When I first heard about it a went to her blog to see what she had to say about her past and there was nothing.

Good God, 12 weeks (3 months) is long enough for a baby to kick and be felt by his mother!!! It's just wrong in so many levels!!!