Monday, March 23, 2009

Cuban Guitarrist Ciro Diaz & Photographer Claudio Fuentes Arrested in Cuba

Two men arrested for showing solidarity with prominent Cuban dissident Antunez. I translated this news from the blog: "La Babosa Azul"

Ciro Javier Díaz Penedo, guitarist for the Cuban Band "Porno Para Ricardo", has been arrested in the city of Placetas along with photographer Claudio Fuentes Madan, as they showed solidarity with Jorge Luis García Pérez, know by Antunez, who is president of the dissident group Presidio Politico Cubano "Pedro Luis Boitel".

Antúnez is in very poor health, do to a continued hunger strike, in protest against the abuses without parallel by the facist-communist regime in Cuba. More information will be published as received.

The information was received staight from Havana, at this very moment. Spread this news, as fast as possible, to stop the dictatorship and be able to obtain Ciro and Claudio's unconditional freedom.

We hold Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and a large group of snitches at their command if any harm comes to Claudio and Ciro.

Telephone number of Lutenant Colonel Fulgencio (53) 42 213800!! If calling from outside Cuba: 011-53-42-88-2994.

The one responsible for the arrest of Ciro Diaz y Claudio Fuentes, is Lutenant Colonel Fulgencio Vage Luna. I invite the readers of the blog, the media and foreign reporters interested in this - to call directly into the police station and ask for the reason for the arrests.

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