Monday, March 1, 2010

31 Patients Died from Hipothermia in a Psichiatric Hospital in Havana-Photos made it out of Cuba!

Last January dozens of psychiatric patients died from Hypothermia and starvation in Havana's state run psych hospital.

The Cuban government admitted through their toilet newspaper Granma to 26 deaths.

Today I received an email letting me know that photographs of the state of the patients at the time of death had made it out of Cuba.

It is so shameful to see this happening in the mother land and I am so very sad for these patients deplorable conditions that lead to their death.
The rest of them can be seen at the blog Penultimos Dias.

The Miami Herald had this to say........
"At least 20 patients in a Cuban mental hospital died from hypothermia during the cold snap this week, said human rights activist Elizardo Sánchez, who branded it a case of ``criminal negligence by a government characterized by its general inefficiency.''
Sánchez said Thursday he had reliable reports of 20 deaths, but that some doctors had told him the real number of deaths at the hospital, popularly known as Mazorra, was 24 or 26. Cuban authorities have made no public comment on the case, Sánchez said, but some hospital staffers have reportedly been detained. ``It looks like they want to blame some doctors or paramedics,'' he added. The deaths occurred overnight from Monday to Tuesday, when the temperatures near the Havana Psychiatric Hospital dropped to 38.6 degrees, a bitter cold for tropical Cuba, said Sánchez, who heads the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation". Continious.........Miami Herald

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