Thursday, March 4, 2010

Assassination Attempt on the life of Honduran Reporter Karol Cabrera

The Honduran journalist Karol Cabrera was seriously wounded and her companion Joseph Ochoa an entertainment journalist was killed do to gunshot wounds received in yesterday during an attack which occurred at 7:50 pm, while driving home after a visit to the presidential house where she signed a contract to work on state television 8, National Television of Honduras, to begin airing yesterday.

The journalist had died due to more than 20 bullets in the neck, thorax and abdomen, while Cabrera had at least three bullet wounds in her arms and her right side.

A daughter of Karol Cabrera was killed on 16 December last year.

The attackers fired into the vehicle in which the young pregnant woman traveling with other people, "two of whom were injured," said Orlin Cerrato, police spokesman.

Cabrera leads a program where members criticized the administration of former President Manuel Zelaya and his followers, which has brought threats, as it was reported by the journalist.

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