Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oscar Elias Biscet speaks about Zapata Tamayo and calls the Castro brothers murderers

(Radio Martí) - From the prison "Combinado del Este", in Havana, the prisoner of conscience Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzalez, expressed grief and shock over the death of opposing member Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who he considered a courageous defender of freedom for Cuba.

According Biscet, Zapata embodies the inspiration of a people to claim the fight against the Castro regime.

The peaceful protester, was sentenced in 2003 to twenty-five years behind bars, adding that his "magnanimous act," Zapata was equal to the great heroes of Cuba.

The activist, awarded the Medal of Freedom awarded to former U.S. President George W. Bush said that Zapata died and lived in one of the concentration camps of the Castro regime. Regime which, in turn, he said, has been an official policy of genocide planned on two groups of people: political opponents and people of the black race.

"Zapata Tamayo had to suffer a double portion of this cruel discrimination for his humanistic ideas and being a person of the black race," Biscet who, in his labor as dissident work.was noted for his opposition to abortion, specifically with respect how disproportionately it is performed in Cuba.

Biscet blamed the government of Raúl Castro for Zapata's death, saying that since his arrival in prison, Zapata suffered the most cruel treatment, abuse and torture that led to a hunger strike until death.

"The government of Raúl Castro Poured all their hatred, racial discrimination and torture till his death. The death is just extra judicial murder," said Biscet. "Even after such lamentable event they continued by humiliating him with false testimonies."

The human rights activist, concluded that "imperialism Castro - Communist, murdered Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

"I just need to repeat to the Castro brothers with exclamation points: "murderers, murderers, murderers" reaffirmed Biscet.

Source-(Radio Marti)

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