Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prisoner of Concience Ariel Sigler Amaya is Very Sick

Ariel Sigler Amaya

By: Miguel Sigler Amaya, expolitical prisoner , exiled in the USA.

Miami, FL. Monday, March 1st, 2010

First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the Sigler Amaya family, for what you are doing for my brother Ariel and the other prisoners of conscience.

I Communicated by telephone on Sunday, about 10 pm, with my other brother there in Cuba, Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya. My family was summoned 15 days ago by the medical board of Julio Diaz Rehabilitation Hospital in Havana, where my brother Ariel Sigler Amaya has remained for over five months. On Saturday 27 February there were 5 members of our family there.

They explained about the seriousness of Ariel's condition. It is getting worse by the day. He is expelling large amounts of blood from his rectum due to the advanced state of his hemorrhoids. He is coughing up pieces of putrid green and yellow with a lot of stench; he has intense pain in his throat, digestive tract, esophagus and stomach; intense suffering and great pain in the pelvis and bladder when he urinates (the urine has a strong stench), he suffers from dizziness, severe headaches, he is very pale yellow, weak, his legs are blackened and dried and he remains bed ridden with a device around the neck called "Minerva".

According to doctors they can not intervene surgically for the hemorrhoids or tonsillitis in his throat, because he would not survive in his state of weakness and severity.

Ariel says that he will use any resources he deems appropriate to end this situation. He said that he will not attempt to end his life via a possible suicide. The family got the message and advised him not to go an a hunger strike, since he would not last a week.

The security agents of the state who participated in this meeting-captains, lieutenant colonels and colonels of the highest-ranking Cuban government, were very disturbed by violent on the globally recognized information on the case of Ariel. They stated in a threatening manner that if the United States with all the rockets and missiles, have not been able to intimidate them, our family was not going to do it. The discussion became so heated that it almost resorted going to blows, all led by the renowned and infamous terrorist leader, Lt. Col. Tamayo.

Brothers: Please, ask for assistance, support and solidarity to prevent further human beings dying in Cuba because of a dictatorship than would sacrifice all Cubans to stay just one more day in power.

It is time to ask urgently for the arrest of Fidel, Raúl Castro, and Ramiro Valdes, by international recognized organizations in these cases of crimes against humanity.

Phone to communicate in Cuba with his brother Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya, his representative: 011-53-45-89-8448, Municipio Pedro Betancourt, Matanzas, Cuba.

(Source-Radio Marti)

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